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Errors on your background check can prevent you from jobs, housing, and more.

Background checks are done to see if you qualify for employment, housing, or other necessary needs. Most of the time, the company you are applying with orders these reports from a “consumer reporting agency” who prepares and sells these background checks, such as Checkr, HireRight, Sterling, Applicant Insight, GoodHire, First Advantage, etc.
Did you know the companies who order these background checks AND the companies that provide them have duties to YOU under the Fair Credit Reporting Act? For example, a company must obtain your consent in writing to order a background check. You are also entitled to a copy of your background check and have a right to dispute any errors. If you dispute an error, the background check provider must investigate and correct or remove any errors within 30 days.
If any of these duties are not met, you have a right to sue! If your background check is inaccurate and it cost you a job offer, an apartment, or harmed your life, you may be entitled to damages. If you’ve been denied a job or a home due to inaccurate or false information on your background check, we can help. For no cost to you, we can evaluate your reports for FREE and, if necessary, help you move forward with an action to make sure your report is corrected and you are compensated for your loss.
*We are not able to assist in the following areas: we cannot assist you in having your records expunged or sealed; we cannot assist you with the reporting of criminal ‘convictions’ that are more than 7 years old (see FAQ below); we cannot assist you regarding wrongful convictions; we cannot assist you with job denials due to accurate criminal backgrounds*
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Frequently Asked Questions

I was denied a job due to a background check, but I lost my copy of the report. What can I do?

The companies that produce background check reports like Checkr, HireRight, Sterling, Applicant Insight, GoodHire, First Advantage are required to give you a copy of any background check they have sold to a potential employer or landlord. The best way to get a copy and preserve your rights is to call the company that produced the report and request that they send you an electronic copy of the report. Be cautious when ordering new copies online as some of these companies will make you agree to their terms and conditions before supplying it. You are not required to agree to their terms and conditions to get a copy of your report.

I filed all the paperwork with the court to have my record expunged/sealed. Can it still show up on my background check?

NO! Expunged and/or sealed records are NOT permitted to appear on a consumer background check. Expungement/Sealing means the courts are closing off these records to the public and so a consumer reporting agency is not allowed to include this information. Make sure you locate a copy of your expungement record and/or sealing documentation from the court, and you can 1) get these records removed and 2) get compensation for any loss due to these errors.

I plead guilty/no-contest to a charge but it was more than 7 years ago, so shouldn’t that come off my report?

The unfortunate answer here is no. While you may have a state law claim for a record that is more than 7 years old, federal law under the Fair Credit Reporting Act has held that a “conviction” is anything other than a plea of not guilty or a dismissal. This means that even a “no contest” plea as part of a deal with the prosecutor could stay on your record indefinitely. HOWEVER, make sure that all the other information being reported about this charge is being reported correctly. For instance, if your plea involved probation but the report is listing “time served”, this is an inaccuracy that could be harming you.

What types of inaccuracies or errors on my background reports could you help with?

Some of the background check errors or concerns that we can help you with are:

  • Reporting records that don’t belong to you
  • Reporting the wrong disposition or severity of criminal cases
  • Failing to update public records to show the final result (like a lien that is later satisfied or withdrawn or an eviction claim that is dismissed or settled)
  • Lack of notice from reporting companies when they provide reports to employers before and adverse action
  • Inadequate disclosures of intent to obtain reports by employers
What will it cost me to have Marcus & Zelman evaluate my case?

We offer a NO COST, FREE evaluation of your background reports to see if there are any errors that we may be able to help you with. If we think you have a case and you decide you move forward, we work on a contingency basis which means we do not get paid unless you get paid. We have over a decade of experience helping consumers assert their consumer rights.

Client Testimonies (4.9 Stars Google Reviews)

Last year, I broke my elbow at an event where I slipped and fell really hard. I was unable to resume my everyday tasks for months and was in severe pain. At first, I was hesitant to get an attorney. When I finally got the courage to reach out, I knew I could trust the Marcus and Zelman team. They were there for me every step of the way and guided me through this difficult time. From physical therapy, doctors and insurance companies they handled everything seamlessly. I was very impressed by their professionalism, honesty and the result felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders
Becky from New Jersey / Personal Injury
Imagine calling your mortgage broker and seeking a new mortgage to purchase your retirement home and being told you are currently two months behind on your current mortgage and your credit score has plummeted. Knowing this to be a mistake, I called my mortgage company who, in short, refused to correct their mistake. My credit was so impacted that I couldn't borrow money to do the needed repairs to be completed before moving into our new home on the lake. I maxed out ever credit card and depleted our savings to move in. It was humiliating! After contacting Marcus & Zelman, things began to turn around. The tenacity and unwavering effort they put into my case put me at ease. I felt they would make this wrong - right. The attorneys and I spoke often and were available immediately to speak to me whenever I called. The firm remained focused on the objective to make me whole again.
Peter / Credit Reporting Errors
The calls I was receiving were becoming more and more stressful, but thankfully I had Marcus and Zelman taking control of the situation. Their efforts helped give me the peace of mind I needed. They were always very responsive and informed me of what to expect whenever any future occurrence would arise that I needed to know about. My experience with Marcus and Zelman was phenomenal and I couldn’t recommend them more.
David / Marketing Texts & Calls



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